It’s almost summer! And I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole i’ve been living in. Just kidding but it is a hell hole. There’s about 4 days left of actual school days meaning not counting weekends. And I probably won’t do a lot during summer except go to sleep super late and… Continue reading Summer


Riverdale is literally the best show ever. Besides Gossip Girl  but you know Riverdale is still amazing. So if you’re like me and you don’t know what to watch on Netflix then you need to watch Riverdale. That didn’t make sense but you need to watch it. The show is about like murder cases mixed… Continue reading Riverdale

Field Trip

So our class went on a field trip to two places. The first place was KQED. It was interesting to see all the cameras and the people explaining the sets and how they broadcast the stuff on the radio. The second place we went to was SFSU. We had lunch and the place was cool… Continue reading Field Trip


The show I watched before called Grey’s Anatomy, well I started to watch it again but I stopped at season 9 because 2 of my favorite people died. But I continued to watch it about 2 months later and now i’m on season 10. I don’t want to go to season 11 because my all… Continue reading Grey’s

My Solo Poem

So for my english class for mr. Gadd I had to write a poem. I wrote a poem and I think it’s really good. I’m not gonna put it here but I finished yesterday and it’s due Friday. I also finished my team poem and it’s really short but it rhymes and it’s quite good.… Continue reading My Solo Poem


So  today is Sunday and it was a good day. So today we went to the A’s game for my little brother because they were having like a little league even where they can go on the field and what not. The A’s won and we also went with some of my cousins. Then we… Continue reading Sunday