New Blog

Here i’m going to just  explain school. I haven’t gotten to do my film project because i’m just busy and I can’t get things done. It’s very difficult to keep my grades up because recently I had just gotten my first bad grade on a test. I just don’t understand that. Also  like I just… Continue reading New Blog


My last weekend was pretty awesome because we went out of  town to go to I think the city was called Woodlake. There was a party that my family and it was at a ranch and it was really cool. There was this huge jumper but like i didn’t go inside since there were a… Continue reading Weekend


I am going to be brutally honest in this blog because I just want to say that I hate and suck being on the morning announcements crew.  It was torture and I did really bad on it. I already been on the crew for 3 weeks straight and it’s boring. Sorry mr. Owens. bye. PEACE

Guest Blog

My name is Jaquelyn my blog is jaquelyndblogs. What I put on my blog right now are usually things about me. Such as my favorite things. Currently i am running out of ideas and stealing other people’s ideas….Sorry? So I usually write about my weekend.