Netflix is on of the best things that has ever happened to me. I sound ungrateful and strange but anything that associates with Netflix is so good. Every show I watched on Netflix is amazing. I am so glad that there is Netflix. It’s probably the shows that are on there that makes it so… Continue reading Netflix


This blog i’m going to explain what I did on Saturday.  What I first did on Saturday was wake up super early because my little brother had a baseball game in the morning. After that we went out to go eat. Later we went to go pick up my cousins wedding dress which she picked… Continue reading Saturday


Today is Sunday and i’m just gonna be talking about what I did. So I went to Santa Cruz for this clam chowder thing and I tasted some and I don’t wanna be rude but they were nasty, I just didn’t admit it. Besides that my cousin came over yesterday and slept over and came… Continue reading Sunday


Today is Saturday and we were planning to not do anything but i’m going with my grandma so score. I love to go to her house because it’s just stress free. And also I want to get out of my house. We don’t have anything planned once we go with her but that’s that. SO… Continue reading Saturday