Youtube Addiction

There are a lot of people who are addicted to youtube. Many people like the youtubers like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, maybe and or Ricegum. I know it’s just me that likes Ricegum because everybody likes Jake Paul or Logan Paul or maybe they just like watching Karina Garcia. But I know I can’t live a day without youtube and if I did I would be like a cave person and dying to watch youtube because my mom took away all of my devices. Some youtubers that I like to watch are the Dolan Twins, Ricegum, Alissa Violet, maybe Jake Paul( even though like they are all enemies).I don’t like Logan because his content is just not good,(no offense to the people that actually like Logan). He just puts other youtubers names in his titles to get views. I mean so does Riceum but like he only put Logan’s name like twice and Logan put Ricegum’s name like 4 times so…Anyways I watch way other youtuber like Nick Bean, Saraslays101(even though they’re the same person.) Which is actually super funny so if you don’t know quote unquote ‘them’ check it out. But that’s gonna wrap it up so uh bye. Peace. See what I did there because at the end of their video the Dolan Twins they say peace. No,ok.


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