My Favorite Songs

I have a lot of songs that I like but I could never chose which one I like the most. Like in the end of 2016 I was in love with the song Say you Won’t Let go, Closer, and There’s nothing holdin’ me back. These we all great songs and I still have way more but for some reason I can’t think of them right now. But know its 2017, so there are new songs in every category-rap,hip-hop,pop-and more!! Personally in 2017 I am not really a fan of all of the rap songs cause personally they are just not good. I am a fan of rap with pop so maybe like on the top of my head-Katy Perry- did a pop song with another person rapping-Snoop Dog- You know a throwback California Gurls. That would be cool and I would like that song. For example: Like all of Ariana Grande’s songs like: Side to Side, The Way and more that I don’t want to think of right now.  I like all kinds of songs by genres and what not. I always like social media stars songs because even though they’re not on the radio they should be. Anyways yea that’s kind of a review so bye till next week. PEACE.


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