Favorite Actors/Actresses

I know once you look at the title you’re probably going to be like another one. But there is probably like only 3 more coming. Maybe. Anyways i’m going to explain some tv show or movies that you need to watch because of the amazing actors. First off this actor involves my favorite tv show and the best actor there was William Peterson. He plays Gil Grissom on the one and only CSI!! And I know that there is Nick, Warrick, and Greg but you know it has to go to Grissom. My favorite actress on the show is obviously Sara, (btw I am naming the old version of CSI not the updated one), because I LOVE her. I believe her real name is Jorja Fox. She is my all time favorite actress. If you haven’t seen anything that she has been in then what the heck are you waiting for. Because I have very good taste in tv, (you’ll probably be like shut up you don’t even know),  but I think I do even if other people don’t think so. But I like Scarlett Johansson because she is just good. I like, well Zendaya because her show is like the only show I watch on Disney Channel. Anyways I can never name anything and I just make this hecka long so bye. PEACE.a csi pic


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