My life on a daily basis while going to school is pretty boring. I mean I like lunch because I get to hang out with my friends. But I signed up for a period A class (no offense) but it was an accident. I had no idea that it was going to start early in the morning and now I have to wake up early. But on mondays and Tuesdays I wake up at 6 but Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I have to wake up at 5. And that sucks because I only have two days on vacation. Anyways back to school, the period A class starts at 7:30( I know early) and it ends at 8:20. From there I go to the locker rooms to get my books and stuff then I head to history class with MS. Kidder. That goes from 8:30 to 9:20. Then PE with Ms. Barrett, which was better than I had anticipated. Then Math with Mr.Ortega and english with Mr. Gadd. Then lunch and I can finally hang out with my friends because I only have 1 class with 1 of my friends. Then graphic arts with Ms. Manipis and then science with Mr. Schemkes. I think that is how you spell his name.Lol. Well okay in between classes is pretty boring and this is getting way too long. But when I get home I do homework clean and then go to sleep. Pretty boring but bye. PEACE


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