Another Blog?!?

Honestly I don’t know why I made the title like that but I did so yeah.Anyways for this blog I am just going to say what happened this weekend and how it started bad and ended good. Today is Sunday so on Saturday it was my mom’s birthday.( Happy late birthday mom!) What I was planning to do is get her a gift card to her favorite store and I have been saving money for a while. I was going to do that on Friday because every Friday we go to that store but she had made an orthodontist appointment on FRiday so I didn’t get to go to that store.Then in the morning I said happy birthday without a gift which was super embarrassing if you ask me then she went downstairs to watch her favorite tv show. BTW she works at night and comes back home in the morning. Anyways the out of nowhere my cousin shows up. And I forgot to mention before my cousin showed up we went to the garage sales because my mom loves them. Then we stayed home and made banana bread and we stayed home for about 4 hours . Then my mom and I went to the nail salon and got our nails done. And I paid for it so that was basically my gift to her. And it was very pricy so that counts. Later we went to the mall at like 9 o’clock then we went to Bj’s had dinner with her little cake thingy and then we were planning to go bowling but little brother as tired so we went home. Also my mom got some stuff at the mall the my sister and I paid for. And that was Saturday for ya so bye. PEACE.


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