Favorite Books

Yea,  I know I did a bunch of favorite stuff but i’m back at it again with favorite books of mine. Yes I know reading sucks but these books are enjoyable. And if you don’t like reading but you have to read consider these books from [personal experience with the same problem. MY AL TIME FAVORITE BOOK IS WONDER. IT is literally the best book ever and you need to read it. I’m not going to say what it’s about because I don’t want to spoil it But if you haven’t read it you need to read it. The next books are the series of Dork Diaries. There’s a lot of books but once you’ve read one you can’t stop. SO yea you need to read it because the are some very good books. The next  one is the last one because to me these are the only books that are somewhat interesting to me, but the last one is The Babysitters Club. There is also a few of those books but they are really good. That’s it for right now’s blog so bye. PEACE


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