My last weekend was pretty awesome because we went out of  town to go to I think the city was called Woodlake. There was a party that my family and it was at a ranch and it was really cool. There was this huge jumper but like i didn’t go inside since there were a bunch of little kids but when the pinata came all the little kids went there and then the older kids went into the jumper and like kind of tore it apart. lol.  The next day we left early in the morning to go to Universal Studios. That was really  fun but we had to leave early because the place was closing at 6 because of Halloween Horror Nights. Then we went to the hotel which not to be rude looked nothing like it did it the pictures it advertised. Yeah then on Monday we went to the Hollywood walk of fame which was cool but we also had to leave early because the next day we had to go to school so yeah that’s it. BYE.PEACE.


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