Blog Post. Insert meme here.

Anyways I didn’t do a blog post last week because it slipped my mind and I was also doing film projects which I don’t enjoy doing but some parts of it are fun. Anyways ima go off topic here and say that I am waiting for report cards. I mean I already know my grades and stuff but my mom wants it in paper for me to get a reward. But just to clear things up she doesn’t give me a reward unless they are perfect or her expectation. She has high standards but I can manage it, or at least somewhat of it.  But besides that when are they coming because it’s been more than a week since grading was do and I am eager to see it. Hopefully it comes during the weekend. But I hate math it’s too hard but I got an A surprisingly.  That’s it for 1 of 2 blog posts. Bye. PEACE.


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