Sunday Funday!

Today is Sunday and I am going to talk about regular Sundays and what’s good and bad about them. SO one of the good things about Sunday is well first off there’s no school. And one of the bad things are that you have to go to sleep early because the next day is Monday which is terrible. But next week we only have to go to school for 3 days so that’s good. We don’t really do anything for Thanksgiving but I have two days off for it so thanks.  Anyways another bad thing about Sunday is that no matter what I always end up going to sleep late, like if we’re out then we always come home late which is really weird. Anyways a good thing about sunday is basically that’s the day I catch up on homework which is a bad thing but i’m not really that buy so yea. That’s it for the goods and bads about Sunday so yea. Bye. PEACE.


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