Thanksgiving Again.

Thanksgiving was yesterday and what I have to say is that it was really fun. Some of my family came over like my 2 aunts and my grandma and then with my two aunts, my cousins. The ” kids” all stayed in my room and made a mess but then 1 of my cousins said that she’ll clean my room if the other kids can play doctor and I said sure. SO she cleaned my room quite well actually, so I didn’t have to clean. That sounded kinda mean but it’s fine cause she’s the one that asked. Anyways there was a lot of food like turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, lamb chops, ribs, and then other stuff that I can’t remember. It was really fun and then the kids played hide and seek and it was fun but then we all got bored. So then we chilled then people went home. It was fun while it lasted. Anyways that was my Thanksgiving and it’s also the end of this blog. Bye. PEACE.


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