Day with the grams.

The title sounds like i’m talking about instagram but i’m not. I am talking about my grandma. My sister and I spent 3 days with my grandma. Thursday, Friday, and half of Saturday. First of on Thursday we went to the mall and then to Starbucks. Then we ate at the house. Then we stayed home the rest of the day. The next day which is Friday we went to a different mall in San Bruno. We stayed about 3 hours and then we went to watch a movie in the mall. There’s a movie theater in the mall. We watched Jumanji, the new one but I think I like the original one a little bit more. Then later we spent one more hour at the mall. The we went to Barnes and Nobles. You might think that oh it’s a bookstore it’s boring, but that’s the only bookstore where they  make books fun. I got a book and then we left. We went to go eat and then we went to Target. I don’t know why but we just went. Then we finally went home and we stayed for the rest of the day. THen today’s Saturday and we got pizza and we went back to my house. My grandma is in my house but she’s gonna leave like in a hour so basically yeah. That’s it for this blog. Bye. PEACE.


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