Script Comparison project

The film i’m doing is called The Founder. So far it was the same but the guy taking the order was added a “hi” instead of it being gone. Also when the guy order he says “may I get a hamburger, french fries, and a coca cola”, on the script it says “hamburger, fries, coke”. The script also says ” that’ll be 45 cents, the movie says ” that’s gonna be 35 cents please”. Then the movie says “That’ll be fifteen cents” and the script says “ And five cents is your change”. Then stuff happens that’s on script but then the movie says “ no,no,no “ and the script doesn’t. He also says “you sure” which isn’t on script. Also little stuff about the silverware but it’s small. He also in the script asks “if he can eat it in his car” but in the movie he asks “ where do I eat it”? Then the woman who walks by adds “may be join you” which isn’t on the script. Then he says “yeah, yeah sure” which also isn’t on script. When the guys are introducing themselves there is an added part that the guys says that’s not on script. He say “oh well look at this”.  Then one part is cut off the script. Also there was an added “business” that wasn’t on the script. Then the script just totally goes off. Okay so far it’s been on script. On the movie it says” manned by two cooks” and on the script it says “three cooks”. And that was five minutes of The Founder.

Image result for the founder


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