Movie project.

My movie is dismissed. The first camera angle was the over the shoulder angle. I think the scene should have been more of a wide shot to show more of what was happening. I think the director chose this because it seemed like a good choice.

Then there was a close-up shot  when showing how mad the character was. I think an extreme close-up would have been better looking on the screen but it was still a good choice.

Then it showed the other character in an extreme-close up shot. This was a good choice and it makes you pay more attention to what was happening. And it showed you the emotion the character was feeling in depth. 

Then another extreme-close up shot for the other character. This camera angle is just going back and forth showing the conversation. I think the director just wants to show how hard the punches are and to show how mad the characters are.

Then just a close-up shot for the other character because they’re having a really angry conversation. Somehow while they are both getting beaten up they are  having  a conversation.

Then it’s going back and forth a few times. I didn’t want to make it boring by going back and forth so I just put that it’s being repeated.

Then the last extreme close-up shot.It showing an extreme close-up on bth of the guys. This was a good move for the director because it shows what one of the actors are saying and how the other reacts to it.

And then finally an establishing shot of the two fighting. I think this is used to show how overall it just looks. This was just a good to know angle.

I’d say there was a push-pull in the fight scene. When punches were being throw it showed the push-pull a little bit maybe 8 seconds.

Then there’s a POV shot of one of the guys.It sort of looks over the shoulder but it only shows  the ear of the guy grabbing the collar of the other. This showed where he was standing in his position so good move.

Then an over the shoulder. Then it shows the guy getting beat up shoulder while the other guy punches him. This showed how hard and more depth of all the rage.

Then the camera just turns to show another character coming in. This isn’t really a camera angle but I thought I should say it.

Then the last over the shoulder. Of the guy that walked in to show the overall scene. This is kind of a wide shot.

Then there’s a high angle-shot of one of the guys choking the other.The cameras down to show how high the guy is from off the floor. It changes the effect because if it was a low angle it would just look odd from it facing the floor.

Then there’s a close up for the baby crying. Makes the scene more dramatic with the sound of the baby crying.

Then the POV of one of the guys letting the guy go. Him showing his hands and it when he  looks at the guy struggling to breathe it makes everything more intense.

Then there’s another establishing shot. The final shot of one of the guys leaving through the door with the baby.

Then a close-up shot. Then a close-up shot. It just of each of the people in the room shows the aftermath and great timing overall.

Then the camera follows the guy out with the baby.Not really a camera angle but a camera movement.

Then an extreme-close up with the guy that got beat up and is on the ground. Shows he’s about to die. Then there’s a wide-shot. And another extreme close-up because the guy turns around to see the beat up guy.

Then then the wide shot. Then the final close-up and then the movie ends. The camera angles were greatly used and it makes everything more detailed and in depth. I know I keep using that word a lot and it’s because I don’t know any other words to describe it.

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